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Want something special? Reach out!


The best part of being the owner and operator? Grace makes her own rules, therefore she can often accommodate special requests if there are flowers ready to harvest in the field.

Every bouquet is cut per order, so accommodating requests on short notice is usually not possible. BB requires a minimum of 3 days notice for all special orders. 

See prices below


Medium Arrangement (~16 stems) - $18

Large Arrangment(~22 stems) - $24

Vases - $2.50-$4.00

Delivery - $.65/mile

25% off delivery fee if able to be added onto an existing route

IMG_3647_jpg copy.JPG

For the most part, BB is a 1 woman show. That being said, some requests cannot be accommodated. But, please always feel free to reach out and find out what  is available that week.

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