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Woman powered local flowers

Although not born into a farming family, Grace has spent over half her life working in the agriculture industry. As a child she was a working student at a horse farm and at the age of 14 she started as a clerk for a fruit farm at a weekly farmer's market. Grace worked for a local fruit farm through college and after college spent 5 years working in electoral politics. Never happy working in politics, a global pandemic and good friends allowing her to use space on their farm - Blackburn Blooms was born.


Grace, owner and operator, works part time at a few of Richmond's favorite restaurants while working to make Blackburn Blooms her primary source of income. When she's not tending to her thousands of plants, Grace enjoys hanging out with her two dogs and her partner, visiting her retired horse and riding when she gets the chance. 



All of the blooms are harvested directly from the field, either the day of or the day before reaching you to ensure the blooms last on your table. Although sometimes wishing she had more help, Grace is responsible for every step of the process from seed to your table. Every plant and every bloom teaches her how to be a better grower.

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