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When does bouquet pickup start?

The official start date will be dependent on growing conditions leading into the spring, but we are aiming for a July 1 start date with the CSA season lasting 9 weeks.

What if I need to skip a week of delivery?

If you know in advance you need to skip a delivery, please notify BB to arrange a replacement week or to gift your bouquet to a friend/family member who resides within delivery boundaries.

Do I have to subscribe to get blooms?

No, bouquets will be available for purchase during peak season at Richmond area Farmer's Markets(TBD) and are always available via special order. 

What are the delivery routes?

Currently, there is an Ashland, Richmond and West End route. Delivery boundaries can be found here. If your location does not fall within a route, but is close, please reach out via email to see if your delivery location can be added. 

BB is always open to adding on additional routes with 5+ subscriptions within a reasonable radius. Reach out if your neighborhood is interested!

Why sign up in advance?

Signing up and paying for your 9 week subscription in advance helps the business prepare for the quantity of flowers needed for the growing season and pay for any pre-season expenses.

How much?

The 2024 subscription is $230.37 and includes 9 weeks of delivery of 1 large wrapped arrangement.

Why sign up in advance?

Before the 9 week subscription begins, you will recieve a designated delivery day and time which will be the same for the entire 9 weeks. During that time window each week, you will leave a small vessel of water outisde at your delviery location. Once the bouquet has been delivered each week, you will recieve a text

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